We started as one, then it became two. Two became five, and now we are in the hundreds.

What we stand for is bigger than any individual. Bold&Resolute was never intended to be a loudspeaker for one individual, but a platform for like-minded people all around the world.

We are all in this life together, and it’s our mission to find, collaborate, and give support to people like you. You aren’t alone — join our community, and let’s create an adventure together!


Guest Panels


Once a quarter, the Bold&Resolute Community curates a panel of like-minded experts to discuss a chosen topic relating to conscious choice and self-awareness. Topics include (and not limited to) work, leadership, family, culture, mindfulness, health, intimacy, and more.

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every year

Once a year, we hold a Bold&Resolute Community retreat somewhere in the world. We cook, meditate, practice yoga and mindfulness exercises.

We create a space to unwind, to fully observe ourselves, be truthful, and make new friends with like-minded individuals.


Facebook Community

Every day

Our Facebook group is a safe community of people who have chosen to take on the work of conscious choice and self-awareness for themselves. A place to make new friends, seek help, and find support in your own journey.

Come and join the conversation!


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Assist and support

Whether it’s helping us run our panels, retreats, and workshops, or helping us scout and film, we are always open to volunteers, interns, and in the right circumstances, employed team members.