About Bold&Resolute

Bold&Resolute is an entertainment company which creates educational content for those ready to enter a practice of self-awareness and conscious choice.

We have worked with leaders, managers, and individuals from startups to professional sports teams and Fortune 500 companies from around the world.

After thousands of hours of coaching, leading workshops, leadership training, and change management consulting, we started Bold&Resolute to channel our experience and expertise into a range of formats.


Our Mission

We are an out to positively impact one billion people by transforming their context in life through experiential, educational, and entertainment adventures.


What we believe

We believe people are easily mesmerised by titles, trophies, and tokens because we’ve been taught that happiness is found in the achievement of outcomes. Unfortunately, we will never have or know it all, so this belief is destined to create feelings of ‘not good enough’.

We believe that all people have an innate ‘knowing’ about what they want and need, but choose to ignore it.

Over the years, we witnessed intelligent people sacrifice their health, time, resources, families, and relationships in the belief that achieving their goals would automatically make them happy.

However, after achieving their goals, many would report persistent feelings of emptiness — and they didn’t know why. Rather than turn within, many looked to the next thing, person, or goal to bring them inner peace, empowerment, and fulfilment.

As Dr Stephen Covey wrote, ‘we try to think ourselves out of problems we behaved ourselves into’.

We believe there is a crisis — a deficit of emotional-intelligence, self-awareness, and conscious choice. An epidemic of ‘human doings’ trying to avoid their feelings with noise, busy-ness, toys and distraction.


Why we founded Bold&Resolute

From CEOs, to parents, children, and college students, we experienced the same thing over and over again — highly emotional human beings with an overwhelming desire for love, connection, and contribution, trying to mask their feelings out of fear and survival.

Somewhere along the line, we made feelings and emotions wrong, turning them into a symbol of unprofessionalism and inefficiency because we didn’t understand them.

When we were hired as consultants, it was often to fix what seemed like a simple process problem. Very quickly, it was revealed to be a cultural issue — their emotional relationship to themselves, each other, the company, and the work.

By the time we arrived, most attempts to solve the emotional human problem were about ‘doing’ more on top of unresolved feelings.

By developing mastery in emotional masking, society has simply created an inability to identify, be with, and move through emotions in a loving, effective, and productive way.

Today, we want and need a higher level of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, soft skills, and compassionate leadership.

We hope to positively facilitate and contribute to growing self-awareness and emotional intelligence through a range of edutainment adventures.


“I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself — not the life others expected of me.”

— The #1 Regret from “The 5 Regrets of the Dying” by Bronnie Ware


Our Family

Catherine Bennett
Judith Amirpour
Simon Bell CEO & Co-Founder
Diana Garcia
Katherine Smith
Donald Muller
Tiffany Leonardo Program Manager